Douzone, a leading
ICT company in Korea
Douzone Bizon is a leading ICT company in Korea, providing ICT solutions and services for companies, institutions and agencies.
Douzone provides products and services including accounting programs; ERP; cloud; groupware; information security; electronic tax invocies; mobile solutions; electronic fax and many others.
“ The history of the DOUZONE is the history of the Business informatization. ”
Domestic Business
  • Accounting software
    PC Type,
    Cloud Service Type
  • ERP
    For Business, For Non-profit and public institutions, Cloud Service Type
  • Cloud
    Cloud Platform, Business Cloud Service Colocation service, e-Document service
  • Groupware
    For Non-profit and public institutions, For Business, Cloud Service type
  • Information Security
    Development and Security Consulting of Digital Forensic and Information Protection Solution
  • Mobile
    Communication and collaboration service Sales Management Solution
  • e-Tax bills / Electronic Financial Service
    e-Tax bill service, Online collection service, Mobile notification / Collection service
  • e-FAX
    Server-Client Type, Cloud Service Type Multifunction Printer converged services
130, Beodeul 1-gil, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
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