Expert Computer Forensic
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What is DFAS Pro?
DFAS Pro provides comprehensive file recovery and swift visualization.
  • Main Screen
  • File Carving
  • Live Screenshot
  • Summary Report
  • Internet History Analysis
Main Screen
Component Description
  • Built with SSD
Target Devices
  • Laptop, Desktop, HDD, SSD
Online purchases and pricing are for the US only. For Intl. purchases and support please contact us.
Key Benefits
  • Even non-experts can grasp digital evidence (in a forensically sound manner) with DFAS Pro
  • Compact SSD is perfect for on-site investigation
  • All-in-one package including data acquisition / analysis and report generation
Use Cases
DFAS Pro is capable of digital forensic investigation and security compliance check.
Malware Traces
  • DFAS Pro can help investigators analyze malware traces by providing insightful information including running process and network connection status.
Insider Data Breach
  • DFAS Pro captures transmitted confidential data and/or presence of (un)authorized programs.
Key Evidence Acquisition
  • DFAS Pro supports live disk imaging, logical imaging, and data recovery.
Unusual User Activity
  • DFAS Pro identifies changes in patterns of computer use so that investigators can narrow the scope of investigation.
Work Process Using DFAS Pro