Expert Computer Forensic Analysis
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What is DFAS Pro?
DFAS Pro provides comprehensive file recovery and swift visualization.
Component Description
  • Built with SSD
Target Devices
  • Laptop, Desktop, HDD, SSD
Online purchases and pricing are for the US only. For Intl. purchases and support please contact us.
Work Process Using DFAS Pro
Use Cases
DFAS Pro is capable of digital forensic investigation and security compliance check.
Malware Traces
  • DFAS Pro can help investigators analyze malware traces
    by providing insightful information including running process and
    network connection status.
Insider Data Breach
  • DFAS Pro captures transmitted confidential data and/or presence of
    (un)authorized programs.
Key Evidence Acquisition
  • DFAS Pro supports live disk imaging, logical imaging, and data recovery.
Unusual User Activity
  • DFAS Pro identifies changes in patterns of computer use so that investigators
    can narrow the scope of investigation.
Key Benefits
  • Even non-experts can grasp digital
    evidence (in a forensically sound
    manner) with DFAS Pro
  • Compact SSD is perfect for on-site
  • All-in-one package including data
    acquisition / analysis and report