Cloud and Email
Forensic Analysis
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What is DFAS Cloud?
DFAS Cloud supports an email and cloud server examination analysis.
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Main Screen
Component Description
  • Built with SSD (No Installation Required)
Target Devices
  • POP3, IMAP (Installed/Web-based emaill), Cloud (Google Contacts/Calendar/Drive, Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc.) supported
Online purchases and pricing are for the US only. For Intl. purchases and support please contact us.
Key Benefits
  • Compact SSD is perfect for on-site investigation
  • Even non-experts can grasp cloud- and Email-related digital evidence (in a forensically sound manner) with DFAS Cloud
Use Cases
DFAS Cloud is capable of cloud and email forensic investigation based on User Activities.
Activity-based Evidence Acquisition and Analysis
  • DFAS Cloud allows data collection from user's personal cloud storage, social media, and email accounts based on the provided login information.
Deleted Local Email Recovery
  • DFAS Cloud recovers local email contents deleted from a disk.
Evidence Management
  • DFAS Cloud provides Evidence Export; Immutable Evidence Container; File Saving and CD Recording; and File List and Hash Data for the Evidence.
Statistics and Alerts
  • DFAS Cloud provides statistics on collected email accounts and alerts for unusual activities.