Complex Data Profiling
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What is DFAS Profiler?
DFAS Profiler is ideal for visualization of acquired evidence from DFAS Pro, DFAS Cloud and DFAS Mobile.
  • Main Screen
  • Keyword Management
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Geographical Data Visualization
Component Description
  • Built with DFAS Field Kit
Visualization Targets
  • Data Integration for Visualization
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Key Benefits
  • Acquired evidence is integrated with just a few clicks
  • From the visualized data, investigators can understand the complex evidence at a single glance
  • A large number of investigators can simultaneously conduct a(n) analysis and review on a single case
Use Cases
DFAS Profiler has a strong capability to integrate and visualize the acquired evidence.
Integrated Visualization
  • In DFAS Profiler, all computer, mobile, and cloud evidence can be collectively presented on a single screen.
Correlation between Suspects
  • DFAS Profiler draws relationship between suspects by aggregating the evidence.
Keyword Search
  • DFAS Profiler provides easy-to-use keyword search and management functions.