Laboratory Information
Management System
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What is D-LIMS?
D-LIMS supports forensic analysis process.
  • Main Dashboard
  • Adding Evidence
  • Evidence Distribution for Analysis
  • Evidence Management
  • Documenting
Main Dashboard
Component Description
  • Web-based System
Target Devices
  • Handled Data including Organization, Procedure, Personnel and Laboratory Equipment
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Key Benefits
  • D-LIMS provides standardized documents, essential for work efficiency and saving management costs.
  • Computerized laboratory system ensures chain of custody and integrity of the evidence.
  • Role-based identity and access management functions secure the laboratory system.
Use Cases
D-LIMS establishes a scientific forensic analysis system, which supports fast and accurate forensic investigation.
Analysis Request Management
  • D-LIMS manages related records via RDMS and requests for analysis.
Seamless Collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration for forensic analysis become much more efficient through D-LIMS.
Work Process using D-LIMS